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Cortus Energy offers its patented WoodRoll® technology as well as a unique methanation process. Cortus Energy has built up an extensive competence not only for gasification but also within related areas such as biomass for energy usage, waste as feedstock, feedstock testing, pyrolysis processing, char generation, gas upgrading etc. Cortus Energy offers solutions for:






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The standard size WoodRoll® is set to 6 MW syngas capacity. For CHP applications that translates into 2.4 MW of power and >3 MW of heat, if the syngas is upgraded to SNG it results in 4.8 MW SNG alternatively 5.4 MW of renewable hydrogen can be generated from the 6 MW WoodRoll® plant. On request WoodRoll® can be offered in other sizes. To obtain a budget offer, fill in the inquiry sheet (below link) and email to: .

- WoodRoll® Inquiry Sheet 6 MW (PDF)

- WoodRoll – Data Sheet (PDF)

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For the SNG application the SNG module is included as a downstream process integrated into the WoodRoll®. However, the SNG module can be offered also as a standalone module. The SNG module is developed by Karlsruhe Technical Institute within a KIC InnoEnergy project (DemoSNG) in which Cortus Energy participated. The SNG module is based on a catalytic process which converts carbon monoxide and hydrogen to SNG (methane). The SNG module can be offered from 1 MW capacity and upwards. To obtain a budget offer on a standalone SNG module, please email at .

- SNG Module – Data Sheet (PDF)


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Cortus Energy has gathered extensive experience and competence through areas that are related to the WoodRoll® technology. Cortus Energy offer services within areas such as: biomass for energy use, waste and feedstock assessment, testing of various feedstock through TGA and at WoodRoll® reference site, gas upgrading, char generation, various feasibility studies etc. Contact Cortus Energy at for further information on the services that are offered.

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