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Cortus Energy business model is depending on the specifics of each WoodRoll® project. Three different business models alternatives are at disposal for the WoodRoll® technology:






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Cortus Energy offer customer to buy renewable energy without any need of investment or operational costs. Cortus Energy Build Own and Operate (BOO) the WoodRoll® installation from which the energy is sold on long term contracts. Typical customers are process industries that want to move to renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint but still have full focus on their core processes and products. Other opportunities for BOO are e.g. feed in tariff of renewable power and SNG.

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When required by the customer Cortus Energy deliver complete WoodRoll® installations for the target applications on turnkey basis. The turnkey delivery is based on the innovative modular concept which minimize the required assemble and commission period and thereby reduce the disturbance for normal activities at the customer’s site. The installation is handed over after full Site Acceptance Test (SAT).


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In certain markets Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) is the best path forward to establish and expand the WoodRoll® technology. FEED is based on that WoodRoll® is sold on a licensee where Cortus Energy deliver the modular design and the full specifications of selected key components. For  FEED Cortus Energy will cooperate with selected Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies.

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