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The target applications for WoodRoll® are within the: Power, industrial and transport sectors. Within each of those sectors are several applications and niches where WoodRoll® can create outstanding value offering a cost effective renewable solution that enables its users to move away from fossil energy.






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Process industries are characterized by continuous operation (24/7) that demand cost effective and stable energy solutions. Due to these strict requirements renewable energy alternatives have been locked out to replace fossil fuels in demanding high temperature processes.

The clean and energy rich syngas that is produced by WoodRoll® can replace fossil fuels in various industrial high temperature applications. Typical examples of such applications are: lime kilns, steel processing, pulp and paper mills etc. As the syngas is clean the combusted syngas can be in direct contact with the end product e.g. tissue drying by exhaust gases.    

In the petrochemical industry fossil fuels are processed to a syngas (a mix of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) from which the desired products are formed e.g. plastics, chemicals etc. The syngas of WoodRoll® can consequently replace fossil fuels directly (without any reforming process) enabling the petrochemical industry to generate renewable end products e.g. bio plastics.

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The majority the world’s power production is based on fossil fuels of which coal is the largest. The share of renewable power is increasing but it needs to accelerate. Several of the renewables are weather dependent which is an issue for a stable grid. To convert biomass to power by incineration results in a low yield. WoodRoll® is a weather independent solution with high yield that unlocks the potential for using biomass to generate renewable power.

By feeding the syngas from WoodRoll® to a gas engine (or gas turbine) renewable power is generated at high yield and at demand which can be fed into the grid. If heat is recovered to e.g. a district heating net or industrial process a highly efficient Combined Heat & Power process is achieved.

Fuel cells are expected to break through for local and regional power production. The hydrogen rich syngas of WoodRoll® offers a renewable solution to generate power from biomass with fuels cells on a revolutionary high yield, in the range of 50% higher that today’s highest yield!

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The transport sector has a strong dependency on fossil energy. New innovative solutions for renewable transport fuels are required. The versatile syngas from WoodRoll® unlocks several possibilities for generating renewable liquid and gaseous transport fuels.

The syngas of WoodRoll® has an ideal composition (relation hydrogen – carbon monoxide) to be further refined into renewable natural gas (SNG or biogas) for which infrastructure and vehicles exist. The syngas is also an excellent feedstock to be refined into biodiesel, ethanol and other liquid fuels.

Fuel cell electrical vehicles (FCEV) are powered hydrogen and eliminates the weaknesses of electrical cars: short range and slow charging.  FCEV are now sold on commercial basis in Japan and USA with Europe to follow. The infrastructure for hydrogen is missing. WoodRoll® offer a cost effective regional solution for renewable hydrogen that will support the buildup of an emission free fleet of FCEV.

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