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About Cortus Energy

Cortus Energy was founded in 2006 with the objective to develop and market the breakthrough WoodRoll® technology. Cortus Energy is a cleantech company that is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm, since 2013.






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Provide cost effective renewable energy gas solutions for power, industrial and transport applications that are based upon the patented WoodRoll® technology.

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  • 2006 The WoodRoll® technology is invented and Cortus Energy is founded by Mr. Rolf Ljunggren that has a long and relevant experience from the gas industry
  • 2007 TGA tests confirms the WoodRoll® technology on a laboratory scale.
  • 2009 Successful tests of WoodRoll® in a 150 kW pilot plant. Awarded the title “WWF Solver”
  • 2011 A 500 kW WoodRoll® gasifier is built and successful tests are carried out. WoodRoll® is classified as “Beyond State of the Art” by several well-known consultancy firms.
  • 2013 Tests of all part processes: drying, pyrolysis and gasification in Köping (Sweden) confirming the WoodRoll® concept.
  • 2014 Start of upgrading the 500 kW WoodRoll® test facility in Köping to a complete and integrated reference and demonstration facility.
  • 2015 Successful tests at the fully integrated WoodRoll® plant (500 kW) confirming all parts of the WoodRoll® technology. Design of first commercial 6 MW modular WoodRoll® plant is initiated.
  • 2016 Basic engineering is performed for two 6 MW WoodRoll® plants (in Höganäs and Japan). Strategic cooperation agreement is signed with Forest Energy (Japan). The Höganäs project is granted SEK 47.6m in subsidy and the project in Mariposa, California USD 5m.
  • 2017 Detailed engineering and start of construction of the 6 MW WoodRoll® plant in Höganäs.
  • 2018 Finalizing construction of the Höganäs plant and start up. Conditional User Permit (CUP) for the project (biomass power) in Mariposa, California received (July).

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  • A renewable energy solution which can replace fossil fuels in applications which has not been possible before due to technical demands
  • Fuel flexibility paired with the highest efficiency and an ultraclean renewable energy gas
  • A tar free energy gas (zero tars) eliminating the single largest cause (the tars) for low efficiency and availability when gasifying biomass
  • An energy rich energy gas with a favorable composition to be further processed into high value renewable energy products such as: SNG, hydrogen and liquid biofuels
  • A scalable and repeatable delivery concept for multiple applications

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