About Cortus Energy

Business Concept
Provide cost effective renewable energy gas for power, industrial and transport applications based upon the patented WoodRoll® technology.

Carbon and Climate Change
Carbon emissions are the leading cause of global warming and climate change. A primary source of carbon emissions are fossil fuels. Realising the turn of environmental issues that could occur in the future if carbon emissions are not controlled, The Kyoto Protocol was introduced to provide businesses with economic opportunities to be more energy efficient by reducing emissions.

Cortus sees this as a great economic opportunity by supplying affordable, clean and renewable energy gas generated from gasification of biomass, as a way to replace fossil fuels.

WoodRoll® will help to reduce millions of tons of carbon released while at the same time, providing our customers with substantial cost savings.

Our Advantage
The clean high calorific energy gas produced can substitute fossil fuel in any process. Cortus' process is built upon subsystems proven in other industrial processes but put together in a new fashion.

Cortus' WoodRoll® thermal efficient gasification technology and fuel flexibility makes it feasible and profitable to build on-site plants that process locally available biofuels into clean energy.

Besides, the WoodRoll® produced energy gas has high purity as it is an indirectly heated process. Energy gas is not diluted with nitrogen from the air or polluting elements, hence eliminating the need to include an additional filtration system which translates to additional cost savings for our customers.




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